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Revic Acura BLR10b Ballistic Rangefinding Binocular 10x42

Revic Acura BLR10b Ballistic Rangefinding Binocular 10x42

Your BLR10b combines an excellent binocular, with an integrated laser rangefinder, a weather station, and a powerful ballistic solver using our proprietary Revic Ballistic Engine.  


If you have loaded a ballistic profile from the Revic Ops app, when you press the FIRE button, on-board sensors measure distance, incline angle, barometric pressure, temperature, and compass bearing and send the data to the on-board ballistic solver to provide a fast firing solution. 


The BLR10b features Base Wind and Vector Wind modes for basic and advanced solutions configured to provide ultra-fast corrections displayed as a Shoot-To-Range in BDC, MOA or MILs at the measured distance.


The BLR10b uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Revic Ops app, Revic rifle scopes, or other peripheral devices, and uses the Revic targeting modes including Long Range Mode to measure distance in the toughest conditions.

  • What's Included:

    • Binocular

    • Soft Carrying Case

    • Carry Case

    • Revic Lens Cap

    • Lens  Cleaning Cloth

    • CR2 Battery

    • Quick Start Guide